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EuPD Research develops studies on current topics on behalf of the media, institutions or companies. We focus especially on economic issues which are of interest for both decision makers and consumers. In so doing, we draw upon an international expert network of decision makers, opinion makers and media representatives.

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Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik
The study „Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik“ concentrates on the meaning of the significance of topics such as energetic refurbishment, energy consultation and many more for home-owners. Those questioned were divided into three groups (those who have refurbished, those who are planning and those who are not planning). In addition, topics such as brand awareness, purchasing process, financing, sources of information and many more are analyzed. [» more]
4550.00 EUR
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(within Germany)
1 x 'Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik' order
Municipal Utilities in the Energy Transition - Partner for the R Municipal Utilities in the Energy Transition - Partner for the R
Due to an increasing share of decentralized, renewable energies, both the electricity offer and demand are constantly changing in the course of the energy transition.

The main challenge for municipal utilities lies in opening new areas of business, in order to successfully compete in the market. Therefore a broader range of products and services is needed, for which partnerships with renowned manufacturers can contribute.

With this study your company will benefit from insights to various topics, such as status quo of municipal utilities, changes in production and consumer structures, effect on the competition and objectives and strategies. [» more]
4500.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'Municipal Utilities in the Energy Transition - Partner for the R' order
Price Index Price Index "PV Storage"
Pricing policy plays an important role for the future progress of PV storage systems in Germany. Over the last few years prices for storage systems have decreased up to 10% a year. This pricing policy has an inevitably positive effect on the demand.
Analyses of EuPD Research show that end customers show a high interest regarding an own PV storage system, but mention prices as a main purchasing hindrance (survey conducted amongst 2.900 PV owners and planners in 2013).

The target of this price analysis is the exact tracking of the price development for PV storage systems in Germany, based on the surveys conducted amongst PV installers and private end customers. [» more]
6599.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'Price Index "PV Storage"' order
European PV Storage Market Insights 2014 European PV Storage Market Insights 2014
Due to recent developments, such as decreasing FiTs and changes in electricity prices, the demand for self-consumption is increasing. This means fundamental changes in the electricity market across Europe are to be expected. More and more manufacturers are looking into the technology of energy storage solutions for PV systems.

The European PV Storage Market Insights analyses the most promising PV storage markets in Europe. In order to understand the potential of PV battery systems the target markets and applications are identified. [» more]
3450.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'European PV Storage Market Insights 2014' order
PV Consumer Insights PV Consumer Insights
The residential market is of special importance for the solar industry. While the Photovoltaic market in Germany is shaped by consolidation, which especially effects the large scale segment, the private rooftop segment is developing in a positive way. EuPD Research estimates further growth in the segment in the current year. [» more]
2450.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'PV Consumer Insights' order

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