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EuPD Research develops studies on current topics on behalf of the media, institutions or companies. We focus especially on economic issues which are of interest for both decision makers and consumers. In so doing, we draw upon an international expert network of decision makers, opinion makers and media representatives.

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New Products

EndCustomerMonitor 5.0 EndCustomerMonitor 5.0
For the fifth successive time the EndCustomer Monitor will be realized, a survey amongst users active in the Photovoltaikforum. The topics of this year’s version of the EndCustomer Monitor are focused on storage systems, PV technology and the customer decision making process.

In previous studies EuPD Research has assessed the specific stages of decision making with regards to PV. Drawing from this knowledge this study will follow the steps of the customer from the initial contact to the final purchase decision. Topics include motivation and hindrances, information channels and conversion rates.

Concerning PV and storage technology, satisfaction, brand awareness and brand choices are assessed.

The study provides comprehensive insights into the German PV and storage market and into the buying process. It provides valuable assistance in order to adapt your business strategy and your product portfolio. [» more]
3230.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'EndCustomerMonitor 5.0' order
End Customer Survey Photovoltaic End Customer Survey Photovoltaic
This study will offer new insights into the home-owners‘ attitude towards photovoltaic, which will then be backed by the survey of a comprehensive sample.

The target is to analyze the reasons why there are still reservations towards new PV installations. Furthermore, the study will depict why home-owners decide for or against photovoltaic and what hinders making a decision.

The results will allow manufacturers and installers to directly target the concerns of their customers and to adapt information packages to these reservations. [» more]
3830.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'End Customer Survey Photovoltaic' order
European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015© European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015©
In the last years we have seen a changing picture of the PV industry marked by consolidation and evolving business models. Some players have had difficulties adapting to this new situation, while others have focused on adaptation and have looked for new challenges and opportunities, such as solar storage systems.

PV market players active in Europe are still facing strong competition. A challenging and highly competitive situation makes it even more important to have reliable and successful partners. 

Installers are the most important customer group for manufacturers, as they are the interconnection to the end customers and have a meaningful insight into both market and trends.

The 7th edition of the European PV InstallerMonitor © provides comprehensive insights into the European PV and storage market. This essential information will assist you in order to adapt your business strategy and your product portfolio. [» more]
2700.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015©' order
Study-Series Study-Series "Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik"

The study „Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik“ targets the evaluation and interpretation of the subject of energy efficiency amongst home-owners. The customer segmentation will be vital for companies, as the results were clustered according to home-owner types. The following categories were chosen: those that have already refurbished their house, home-owners who are planning a refurbishment and those, which are currently not considering a refurbishment.

Now the results of the three separate chapters are available: “energetic refurbishment”, “energy consultation” and “heat technology”. Here you will receive detailed insights into the end customers’ point-of-view in regards to energy efficiency. Furthermore the buying process and brand awareness for heat technologies will be analyzed. The sample description and home-owner types are included in all three studies for your understanding.

[» more]
750.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'Study-Series "Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik"' order
PV StoragePrice Tool PV StoragePrice Tool
Pricing policy plays an important role for the future progress of PV storage systems in Germany. Over the last few years, prices for storage systems have decreased by up to 10% a year. This pricing policy has an inevitably positive effect on the demand.

These tendencies can be registered from individual statements of market participants; however, there is no quantitative data available regarding the development. Furthermore, it is not evident if this concerns storage systems from renowned manufacturers or simply no-name products. This storage price tool will offer the opportunity to display pricing trends on the basis of an analysis of storage brands- and technologies. The acquired results can easily be imported into own presentations. [» more]
6450.00 EUR
plus 19 % Tax
(within Germany)
1 x 'PV StoragePrice Tool' order

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